Mindfulness-Plus…The Sequel… by Dr Len Baudwin / naturaldoctor.cc.com

Dear Friends,

For several years now, a course of study called Mindfulness has been sweeping the country. From international health spas to corporate board- rooms the masses have been cueing up to attend and eventually raving about the benefits of something called Mindfulness.  The following is some excerpts from a lecture I heard from one of this country’s top authorities in this field, international lecturer and gifted educator, Mr. Frank Ingo CHT.

“Following up on the popularity of the book, The Secret, promoted by Oprah and others, Mindfulness in its simplest terms is learning how to truly be in the here and now and create the life you want rather than the one you don’t want. It’s learning how to become a “human being” rather than feeling stressed and stuck as a “human doing”. Although seemingly new, Mindfulness, now endorsed by the National Institute of Health, started gaining popularity back in the mid 60’s through the writings of renowned author, Phillip Kaplow and a host of university, psychology and religious professors from Berkley to MIT. It’s origins really go back thousands of years to the age old concept of stillness the original relaxation therapy. Add in enhanced, creative visualization and you have Mindfulness Plus."

The practice of this simple message can lower stress, improve health and provide extraordinary awareness, energy and clarity. Millions of people throughout time surely have practiced some form of Mindfulness but only a small number have gone to the next step, Mindfulness-Plus.  Mahatma Ghandi was one example of someone who had learned and practiced Mindfulness-Plus, a dynamic relaxation system. Here was a simple man who went within to achieve great personal power and brought it forward to help not only himself, but the rest of the world as well. Edison and Einstein were other famous practioners.

Mindfulness-Plus can help in a host of real life challenges, like breaking bad habits, better overall health, improving self image, creating a prosperity consciousness, improving memory and increasing personal energy and drive. Another great section of the Mindfulness-plus class deals with improving relationships and communication skills.  There is also special emphasis on conflict resolution and how to bring purpose or passion back into one’s life.  In short it helps us all get back on track, firing on all pistons.

The way all these wonderful things are accomplished is by learning specific mental training exercises that first gets the participant into a more receptive, responsive, relaxation state of mind.  Then the intensive course shows the participant how to focus and go again for the things one wants in life rather than what one doesn’t want.  This is vastly more effective than just reading a book.

The Mindfulness-Plus class shows us, in so many words, how to get conscious control over our self conscious, that part of us that so often out of control taking us down some very strange paths or keeping us from going down the really wonderful ones.

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